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If you’re a novice to the online gaming world, then you may not have heard about LeoVegas. For those amongst you who’ve been invested and playing in the scene for some time, the name LeoVegas is instantly associated with quality, security, and a fun time. Sounds too good to be true, right? Perhaps, but if you read on you’ll find out why LeoVegas is absolutely deserving of the praise it is given.

The Games

So, what does LeoVegas have to offer? Let’s take a look.

Let’s start with a firm favourite, slot games. Right now, they’ve got the epically named Wild Times for guaranteed thrills, as well as the chilling Paranormal Activity tie-in game. There’ll be no hauntings here, though, it’s all about playing the odds. Additionally, LeoVegas have a Guns and Roses branded slot game to enjoy, so you’ll certainly be in ‘Paradise City’ after a few tries.

As for table games, LeoVegas is outfitted with firm favourites such as many variations on the classic game of Blackjack, as well as roulette. That’s not all, though. LeoVegas also has the option to play three card Poker for the bolder players amongst you, as well as Texas Hold ‘Em for those wanting to unleash their inner cowboy. Alternatively, you can play a few games of Baccarat and put all those hours your grandma spent teaching you the game to good use.

Bonuses And Promotions!

I’m sure this is the part you’ve all been waiting for. Let’s break down exactly what LeoVegas is offering that makes it such an enticing platform to game on.

First and foremost, LeoVegas is famous for its free spins. Why nickel and dime such valued customers after all? Many online casinos don’t understand this and treat their customers as little more than walking wallets, but LeoVegas knows you play its games because you enjoy them; so why not let you have a few hits on the house?

One of the current promotions encourages playing on mobile over desktop. LeoVegas started as a mobile platform after all, so it’s no surprise they’re honouring where they came from. Players have the chance to win up to £5000 in cash for every £10 deposited and played by earning a point per game on the leaderboard. While desktop games offer two points per play, on mobile you may gain the competitive edge of an extra point per game, so there’s ample incentive to game on the go.

How To Pay

As with most reputable online casinos, LeoVegas accepts payment from debit or credit cards. Funds are withdrawn from your account and then placed on your e-Wallet on your account and can be used on both the desktop and mobile versions of LeoVegas. There are no charges for depositing money into LeoVegas, and you’re allowed to make three withdrawals per month free of charge.

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